Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Excited...It's FRIDAY!!!

Ahhh Friday!  Oh what a relief it is. People are a little sweeter, smiles are a little brighter and it’s safe to say we all have an extra pep in our step. Yes, that’s right HaPpY FrIdAy and HaLlElUjAh --you’ve officially made it! TGIF is in full effect!

So since we’re dedicating the Blog to the day of Fri, we figured we should give our individual thoughts on what we feel it resembles...

Nik: “Friday is like the color hot pink!!! It’s vibrant and always in style (especially if you have a tan).”

Tiff: “Friday is like a perfect cup of coffee (Specifically, the flavor Butter Toffee, 1 splenda, HOLD THE MILK, most importantly-- brewed with lots of love). SoooOOoo good to... the... last…drop…then, I suddenly realize I brewed it--meaning FREE REFILLS! WOOT WOOT!”

Have an incredible Friday and please share YOUR thoughts on what is qualified as fantastic enough to be compared to the best day of the week!

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