Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hello-o  Progress!!!! It seems so simple, but we have to ask. Isn't that a fantastic goal? Simply, to make progress.  Making progress pretty much applies to any situation you can think of, work, sports, relationships, school, creativity or knowledge. What does entering each day better than the last do? It creates possibilities!  So whether you're chasing a dream that seems out of reach, sitting pretty in the comfortable confines of life or striving for greater happiness...take that step to be better.

One way to get better is to learn through experiences. If we choose to see mistakes in a different light they can usually be waved with the wand of opportunity. Have you noticed that moments of failure often end with a silent promise to yourself to be better? That's why we long for one more chance to prove to ourselves that we've learned.

We too can learn from positive situations or success as they give us a perfect chance to reflect.  How many times have you been so happy to move onto the next event or task that you've neglected to take a few seconds and reflect on how exactly you achieved success? Some of the greatest opportunities for growth come from analyzing situations and determining what we could have done better or different.  This allows us to gain a deeper understanding  of ourselves and how exactly we can achieve success in the future.

It takes just one step each day to be better.  A step that stretches you to grow upward and onward.  What does your vision of upward and onward look like?

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