Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clutch Gene…Does it exist? Do you have it?

According to 10/10 doctors a clutch gene is NOT included on the long list of inheritable genes. We can acknowledge that a clutch gene is not inheritable however; we do believe it exists and you just may have it!  So, what the heck is a clutch gene? We’re not claiming to be Mr. Webster’s Dictionary but we’ve gathered that the fortunate few who posses the clutch gene have the ability to embrace and become the MVP of big moments in life (biggest moments on the biggest stage within a given industry). These MVP’s appear to have a superhuman ability to slow down the critical moment and see it with clarity.  They have the intangibles to will themselves and others to get the job done no matter what it takes.
The field of athletics is probably the most recognizable stage where the clutch gene is exposed.  You’ve witnessed sporting events where a select few always seem to do the right thing at the right time (often at the most critical point in a game)…  From Michael Jordan, Albert Pujols and the Honey Badger to the current star, Tim Tebow, these folks always seem to rise to the occasion. They are the ‘go to’ guys. Well, we can assure you that as good as they are they don’t ALWAYS come through (M.J. missed 26 game winning shots in his amazing career). The interesting thing is that it doesn’t matter to them what their previous outcome was, (success or failure). They want the pressure of the key role the next time around.  They never fear failure. In fact, they never believe that failure is an option. As golfing legend Nick Faldo puts it “self belief is the most important club in your golf bag”.
It’s also evident that the clutch gene is valuable and present in almost ALL professions and industries. Let’s consider Doctors, EMT’s, Firemen, Policeman, Soldiers, etc.! You think a Doctor who performs an emergency surgery isn’t clutch? How about a Fireman who risks his life attempting to save a family in a burning house? Talk about pressure when someone’s life is in your hands! Do you think they have enough time to possibly weigh all of the risks associated with each move they make? Nope. They just do it.
Business requires a clutch gene too! How about the guy who gets the BIG $$$ sale when no one is spending? Some people just find a way to come through! And finally, giving a kick @$$ presentation to top executives is easier said than done… but it is DEFINITELY doable…our dad Bruce is practically a legend when it comes to presentations and speeches! To those of you who were lucky enough to witness his “Wedding Speech,” we’ve got news for you... that’s how he ran most of his meetings during his 35 year tenure! (Unfortunately we did not inherit his ability)

What does it take…Do you want it bad enough…Do want it at all?

In summary, scientists have not been able to isolate and identify an actual ‘clutch gene,’ but it is a fact that there is a fortunate minority of people that seem to possess it.  By a remarkable coincidence these same folks also seem to share a few important characteristics such as preparation, self belief, and an absence of fear……

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