Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's YOUR "Go To" song(s)? Here's Our Choices!

Whether you’re working out, on your way to work, or ready to “work it” on a Friday night you probably have a 'go to' song that fits the given situation.  We thought we would share two different songs that we are absolutely lovin’ right now. The main reason we enjoy both these songs SoOOooOo much is because of the actual LYRICS and what they stand for--yep we're cheesy! It’s no secret we all have different preferences when it comes to music so odds are you may not like the genre of songs we have selected...all we’re saying is the lyrics to both of us are as powerful as CHUCK NORRIS in a fight – with a brown bear—in Alaska—unbuttoned jean shirt, showing that chest hair–during a Blizzard -- okay we’re getting carried away, sorry! (hypothetically speaking, we wonder what CHUCK’s playlist consists of– Queen,AC/DC,Lynyrd Skynyrd?)

Here’s our list… We hope you enjoy and find our choices just as powerful!
First Song Stats: Eli Young Band: “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” Best listened to when working on your passion, envisioning your dreams, pre/post-workout, or in chill mode…
Some dreams keep on getting’ better,
gotta keep believin’ if you wanna know for sure.
.. Ohhh, I can hear em singin,
"Keep on dreamin, even if it breaks your heart."

Second Song Stats: Justin Hines: “Say What You Will.” Best listened to first thing in the morning, last thing before bed. Feeling sentimental or going through a tough time (BEN & JERRY in the HOUSE and Kleenex on the COUCH!)? Reflection time. Feeling thankful? —> You should probably Wiki/YouTube (SOPA what's up now?!) his story if you have time... incredible  
And all the time that I was holding back,
Just trying to protect myself,
well I want you to know I loved you more than that.
… Say what you will before it’s too late.
What’s YOUR GO TO song RIGHT NOW?! We want to hear about other songs that are on YOUR must play POWER List (on Chuck Norris' level of course)…P-L-E-A-S-E share…any genre (we definitely listen to all –  as stated before there are songs for different situations and you best believe we get down to Lil’ Weezy on occasion: Robin Thicke ft. Lil Wayne: Pretty Lil’ Heart is a downloadable MUST as well)!!!!


  1. My all time "go to song" is "September" Earth, Wind, & Fire !! It just gets me motivated to do housework. (Which I HATE doing). Also helps get me out of a funk. Love! Love !

  2. WOW we definitely forgot about how good this is! Thanks for the reminder..If we are EVER motivated to clean (not likely) we agree this would be a good place to start
    favorite lyrics for us are:
    As we danced in the night,
    Remember how the stars stole the night away
    BA DE YA - ta ta for now :]--XoXO

  3. There's too many inspiring songs to choose, but if I had to:

    Darius Rucker-Southern State of Mind
    To motivate you to keep making that extra effort to help a neighbor out, smile at everyone you pass, and ask people how they're doing and mean it.

    If You're Going Through Hell- Rodney Atkins
    For that moment during the workout when you're sweating from your head to your toes, and you need to push yourself just a little longer.

    Man, those were hard to choose. I read somewhere today though that it's not only the lyrics that make a song phenomenal, it's the people and things that come to your mind when you hear it.

  4. That is such an interesting point!!! We really believe it's true. So funny to think about all our favorite songs that transplant you to a family vacation, Christmas time or a very special moment! Those moments are so vivid as the song plays too. Wow! Thank you for sharing your songs and that fun fact!