Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seize MY moment…TIME TO OWN IT!

As you know our blog posts are a combined effort by Tiff and Nik (HENCE THE NAME). Today, however, will be a Tiff featured blog. BIG YAWN, I KNOW!

I promise I’ll try to keep it as short, sweet and to the point as I possibly can!

Anyone who knows me probably would say that I’m not someone who takes a lot of chances. In general I do play it safe but I can recall 2 times in my life where I can honestly say that I took a risk. The first risk I can remember taking was in my 4th grade English class. I decided to flip “the bird” to my teacher Mrs. Frank (sorry Mrs. Frank—it was not deserved by any means; I just had strong dislike for your Daily Oral Language lesson plan). Thankfully, Mrs. Frank was too consumed with commas and semi-colons to take notice-WHEW! The second risk was taken during my last at bat of my collegiate softball career. I decided I was going to swing as hard as I possibly could at a 2-2 pitch. Fortunately, I was blessed with a double to left-center against Missouri State.

What these risky moments both had in common was an element of fear. Maybe it was a fear of getting in trouble, fear of not helping my team, fear of the unknown or simply the fear of failure itself! I knew in my heart and realized it was a risk I wanted to take---so I took action! No that does not mean we should go around flipping the bird to anyone we choose, but it means that taking a calculated risk can produce a reward. So what’s the point?

December 1, 2010 (TODAY!) marks the 3rd risk that I have decided to take. Remember what I said about taking action to overcome fear? The steps I have completed thus far are as follows:

1) Officially resigned from a phenomenal/reputable company
2) Continued research/coursework dealing with Social Work/Community Service (as someone who has volunteered since the age of 15 this is something I would like to incorporate daily)
3) Met with a Lawyer to discuss a specialized product line to be sold
4) Taking action (creating a business plan) to market and sell the product line…

I will be keeping everyone informed on this exciting journey--I'm finally ready to own my destiny. I also appreciate all of support received up to this point (TEAM RHODES you’re the best)! A special big thanks to Mom, Dad, Nik, Jill, Brad, Kristin, Erin, Annette, Aly, Josie, Neena, Tosha & Norma!

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