Monday, December 20, 2010

BE YOURSELF …everyone else is already taken

“BE YOURSELF” …everyone else is already taken (thanks Janelle)! There is so much truth to this small but mighty quote. We just had to take it one step further. Have you ever considered what you are the best at, or put in other words……… what you do better than anyone else? It’s an interesting question, isn’t it!?!   Do you have the answer?
Maybe you really don’t know what you are the best at….and we challenge you to find out! Take it to the streets, ask around.  Ask your friends, ask your colleagues, ask your teammates for their input!  Maybe it’s something simple like your attention to detail.  It could be the way you captivate a room the minute you make an entrance.  Or perhaps it is your ability to make others feel special and loved.  What you are the best at doesn’t have to equal a scientific equation or break barriers…it can be simple! But it has to be unique to you.
Once you’ve figured out what you do better than anyone else, it’s a piece of cake. This is where it get’s fun! So you’ve discovered or confirmed your strengths …now what?  We say put it to good use. Make it even better!  Link your special talent to opportunities in the real world. This might mean volunteering at a local nursing home, coaching, or even taking strides to further enhance your talent. You have this great talent…embrace it!
Have the courage and strength to know and use your best skills and abilities. Get excited about your next opportunity to dazzle with delight. We think its okay to show off every once in a while.  Be great at what you can be great at.  Nobody can be perfect at everything.

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