Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Bore no More

A very smart person once told us that the best thing you can wish someone is EXCITEMENT!  It could be excitement with loved ones, excitement within a given career, or that daily excitement that catches you by surprise when you least expect it---we all need some form of excitement. Simply put, excitement in all facets of life is what makes life worth living! 
Each person is different in what they consider to be truly thrilling.  Many people seek excitement through extreme events such as skydiving; many have no interest at all in those events!  Others may find building a relationship or growing closer to God to be enlightening and exciting at the same time!  There’s no set answer for everyone—it’s an individualistic belief (or judged on an personal level). 
Both of us have found that our most exhilarating experiences occur when our heart rates are up and the adrenaline button is at a max.  This typically involves forcing ourselves out of our comfort zone and trying something new.  Exciting moments often have a way of creating a lasting impression. We believe that trying something new not only provides a compilation of our best memories but can also serve as a learning experience about an unfamiliar subject.  Regardless of what provides that spark of excitement for you, we encourage you to seek the special thrills of life… may you find happiness in your pursuit! 
We promise to always listen to these words of wisdom!

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