Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Playing not to lose? You’ve already lost!

OH BOY, here we go again! We can guarantee that anyone who’s participated in or been a fan of athletics has witnessed the playing not to lose paralysis.

Nothing is more frustrating from a fan’s perspective then when the dreaded “uh oh” look appears on the faces of a team that’s letting the lead slip away. They’ve allowed the momentum to switch to their opponent, and now they look SCARED! For whatever reason, people seem to take on a minimize mistakes mentality and become risk-fakers instead of risk-takers. They’ve stopped performing to their potential and have been paralyzed by the fear of losing!

Some teams/players seem to have made it a reoccurring habit; essentially driving their loyal fans insane (DA BEARS!). What those fans, who are so critical of the teams they follow may not realize, is that they may be doing the exact same thing in their given profession. Playing not to lose in life is no way to live. So how do we avoid setting the cruise control, and instead, PLAY to WIN as athletes and professionals?

1. Willing to take risks allows you to put yourself ahead and the opponents away for good. Ever heard the equation big risks=big rewards or fortune rewards bravery?

2. Ignore the negative (“here we go again” “I hope we don’t blow it”) thoughts from creeping in. If you feel yourself   tensing up change your thoughts immediately! The power of positive thinking is crucial to maintaining an advantage. You must always believe in yourself and prove the doubters wrong!

3. No surrender, do not let up and keep the pedal to the metal.


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