Monday, November 22, 2010

Firework or Fizzler?!? Which are you?

It’s a tough world out there and it's more competitive than ever! In these conditions being confident is key to your success.  But how can you maintain your confidence when other people are doubting you and your abilities?  Worse than that, at times, you doubt yourself.

Typically, negative and mean comments can cause us to question ourselves.  Has your more timid, less confident, less radiant self made an appearance at times?  HELLO, yes...  we've all been there! Whether it's from a coach, boss, parent or peer we've learned the hard way that  hurtful comments can be fueled and further encouraged when acting like an insecure jackwagon.  Unfortunately, whatever causes your lack of trust in yourself,  there's only ONE person to blame if you believe it --- for the answer --->  just look in the mirror!  In these instances we challenge you to bring out your inner competitor.  Your attitude needs to be " BRING IT ON      (insert name or bad word....or both )   !

There is one small caveat, however,  ALWAYS remember THE most important ingredient is showing what you have inside...being the best YOU, that YOU can be.  Don’t get so caught up in REVENGE that you become distracted!  Instead, you must work your game plan to achieve your life goals!  Reaching those goals is the sweetest reward and the ultimate payback to the skeptics trying to pull you down.

Always hold your head high and set those shoulders back to let the world know you have worked for everything you have in your life and you're not about to stop. A bad day, a bad game can't set you back. Don't whine and don't cry, just continue to give it your best. Just like the song says:  You’re a Firework!

Here are a few quick tips for success:
*Put yourself in opportunities to prove your value
*Never let what others think get in the way of your dreams
*Let the doubt of others serve as the fuel to your fire
*Trust in the truth! The truth always reveals itself

Now let's ignite the light...and let it shine!  Stay tuned for some exciting news next week. T minus 9 days (: SHHHH :)

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