Friday, January 21, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Picnic

So we did a little research and determined that it's time to throw a guilty pleasure picnic in honor of all the crazy things we love! FYI in case your not quite sure, a guilty pleasure is classified as "something" that you really enjoy and feel guilty or slightly embarrassed about. The great thing is most of us have at least one and they’re usually pretty ridiculous when you get down to it—so why not embrace it?! Our plan is to let the world in on our top vices. Tiff’s “something” is peanut butter. Yummy! Nik’s “something” is actually a “someone”---AHEM Kim K.. Yay!  Here's our reasoning as to why we have chosen these:

Okay not only can peanut butter can be added to any other ingredient resulting in a sweet delicious concoction but in a tight pinch a spoon full can really pack a protein punch (dare you to say that 5 times fast). For the simple people of the world it makes delicious sandwiches (jelly anyone?!) or cookies. For the TRUE PB lovers the possibilities are endless…bananas, oatmeal, bacon (HA! haven’t tried that one yet but thought I’d throw it out there!). The butter of peanuts also has several other purposes, from leather cleaner to gum in hair removal. Who knew huh? :)

Now its Kim Kardashian’s turn. Kim’s business savvy mindset and ultra glam lifestyle is more than admirable--- it’s every girl’s dream! She owns multiple businesses, is monetarily rewarded for appearances and has the number 1 family reality show. In addition to being worth an estimated $10 million she most recently appeared on a billboard in Times Square right below the NFL’s Samoan boy--- Troy Polamalu. On top of it Ms. Popular has approximately 6 million twitter fans who adore and hang on to every last tweet character 1-140! Who doesn't like to be adored?

So yes we did just provide a detailed explanation in hopes of helping everyone feel better about their guilty pleasure! Now it's your turn....we're dying to know your guilty pleasure --may it be PB, Kim K or a blow dryer (hopefully yours is not this dangerous**DO NOT ATTEMPT)--but don't be ashamed, just share!


  1. Tiff, try this:

    Eggo waffle on the bottom, peanut butter and chocolate chips in the middle, Eggo on top. Healthy? No. Delicious? You bet!

  2. Um. Peanut Butter is basically heaven. Like, I'm pretty sure it can make tar taste good. Also, it works very well holding things together ie) a pretzel ladder

  3. I hear ya on the peanut butter, sister! I've had a burger that had peanut butter and bacon on it. Hahaha! It was good though!!! I eat peanut butter almost every day. Even more than cookies! =)

  4. Eggo waffle, pb and chocolate chips?! That sounds like a splurge that is worth it-- it'll be my SUNDAY FUNDAY breakfast! Could I add syrup too?! Thank you for the YUMAZING suggestion!

    Stacy!I know that pbutter is used with quite a few asian inspired dishes as well (egg rolls) so I'm sure it can blend with that bacon burger :)
    Happy Friday sista---and yes Birk's chocolate chip cookies were a close second on my guilty pleasure list (cooked or uncooked) those were the days!!

    and hmmmm I wonder who that anonymous expert pretzel ladder maker is...I only know one of those! I need assistance on making that..