Friday, March 25, 2011

Tell do you find the latest and greatest?

SoOoO much information and soOoO little time to scour the web for the latest and greatest.

In an attempt uncover a few new finds in website world, we’ve dedicated this blog to hearing from you! So our question is… If you could only visit ONE website for your must have info, what would it be? Think of it as the ONE website you could not live without! Your interest can be focused on news, sports, mommy-hood, humor, fashion, fitness, gossip, or all of the above…anything that get’s you to the goods.

PS Feel free to start your Friday with a little sass!


  1. My favorite new site is

    They have free fonts that are super cute and stylish for fun projects!

  2. There's this site called I'm not as obsessed with it as I used to be last year during my first semester ever of college finals week. Way too distracting. However, it's a great site, and it directs you to an internet world full of sites based on the interests you select. There's a lot of stellar stuff out there that really can make you smile or think a little harder.